Hosting special events is an effective way to introduce a new product or service to both new and existing customers. Events can create excitement and buzz that many other promotions lack, but the potential cost can be higher than other promotions. It’s only smart to make sure that you can track your return on investment for your event promotions.

Your Analytics dashboard has helped solved this for you, allowing you to now make data-driven marketing decisions to understand how to best spend your promotional budget.


Let’s go through an example for tracking an event-based campaign:

Troy recently added a few new high-end, local beers on tap at his pub, but hasn’t seen a major change in sales. He plans to hold a beer flight week event to encourage his existing customers to try these new items and inform fans that they are now available at his location. Troy sends an out email to his Pub Crew email list of regulars promoting the flights.


Troy can easily measure the success of his event with his Analytics dashboard. He sets up his campaign tracking with just a few easy steps.
  1. Access Analytics dashboard

  2. Go to "Daybook" section

  3. Add "Beer Flight Launch" to the date it was sent out

  4. Track results to watch how many return customers come in to try out the new beers



Here are just a few things that Troy should keep in mind when creating his event campaign:


Add a coupon or special offer

Troy could offer 10% off or a "buy two, get one 50% off" promotion to encourage customers to act. He could also use a special offer to drive traffic for flight purchases on slower nights of the week with a Tuesday Night! Buy one flight, get one free!" promotion.

Include messaging through other channels

Troy doesn’t need to rely solely on email – he can build out his campaign to include in-store marketing and social media posts to promote his flight week special.


Want to automatically link your email efforts to your Analytics graph? Try our Email Marketing module. It has the tools you need for more data-driven email marketing including:
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Use a campaign dashboard to easily see how the campaign is performing backed by card processing analytics